This website will probably hold little interest to you unless you already know me.

Probably you got here because you noticed that I spend way too much time hacking familiar and opie on my iPAQ h5550. If so, you are probably looking for this page.

To get things started I have transcribed the travel journal I kept on our trip to Scandinavia, Holland and France in the summer of 1999. Enjoy.

Here are some pics of the family, especially Sean and Andy.

I have begun archiving travel journals from all family members of mine. You can find my father's here.

Sean has recited a story about Spider-Man to me. He also has a story he had to write for school.

Once Sean wrote a story, Andy had to get into the act. The title, "Man of Venice" is Andy's mangling of "Phantom Menace". Very cute.

Sean recently won the Sportsmanship Award for his team in AYSO U10. It was printed in the local newspaper.

If you are desperate for a programmer who knows A LOT about systems programming in at least two different disciplines (Unix programming and embedded/real-time systems) feel free to check out my resume.